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Dr. Angela L. Swain Releases New Leadership Book for Mother’s Day – “Mama Knew: From Behind the Eyes of a Matriarch”

May 2, 2022 – Just in time for Mother’s Day, Trifecta Business Coach Dr. Angela L. Swain has released a powerful leadership book in honor of her mother. You can buy  Mama Knew: From Behind the Eyes of a Matriarch on Amazon.

Inspired by her mother’s strength and wisdom, Dr. Angela wrote this book for business leaders who want to learn how to focus on emotional intelligence and trauma-informed care as it relates to organizational change and performance. Leaders will learn to shift their teams’ performance from plateau to thriving. 

“As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, many people are still dealing with and processing the trauma while also wanting to create a more meaningful life professionally and personally. It is my hope that by focusing on emotional intelligence and trauma-focused care, this book will inspire leaders to manage their people with greater flexibility and understanding,” said Dr. Angela L. Swain, The Trifecta Business Coach and author of “Mama Knew: From Behind the Eyes of a Matriarch”

Dr. Angela says through her mom’s memoir, readers will learn two key lessons:
• How to redefine STAMINA and learn why it’s important for their team.
• How to PIVOT to support employees as they deal with trauma and changes in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Angela says her book explores leadership, emotional intelligence and trauma-informed care. The goal is to empower leaders and teams to acknowledge that while individuals have a history of trauma, their journey doesn’t mean something is wrong with them. Alternatively, it focuses on the experiences surrounding them. It makes them better leaders, and in turn, their employees become happier, more fulfilled and more productive.