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Realize your full potential and reinvent your future.

Business Psychologist & Leadership Development Coach


Angela L. Swain, PhD

Angela Swain is an energetic confidante passionate about fostering positive organizational cultures. Angela’s vision and guiding methodology is rooted at the intersection of business, psychology and spirituality, and from this unique viewpoint she empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to truly discover their hidden potential. Angela is devoted to guiding those who find themselves in the underdog role, struggling to leverage their God-given gifts.


Angela is a steadfast catalyst in creating positive transition and change management. She is committed to transforming her client’s lives beyond what they believe is possible, step into their purpose with resilience, and find the clarity and confidence to make those dreams a reality. Her clients learn to tap into their unrealized gifts while evolving both personally and professionally with the right combination of inspiration, focus and commitment.


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We are all born with talents, skills, and unimaginable value that makes us each unique individuals. However, far too often, those gifts are suppressed by the hustle and bustle of life – and our amazing potential goes untapped.

Are you finding that the goals you set are not being accomplished? Are you struggling to achieve balance in your life and left feeling drained or uninspired? Is your organization struggling to meet goals and constantly experiencing setbacks? This is where I step in.


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Psychotherapy courses are offered to clients in person or via video conferencing, such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. For a free private and confidential consultation today!

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