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Mama Knew.
From behind the eyes of a matriarch.

Emotional Intelligence and      Trauma-Informed Care

ABOUT the book

This book is written for organizational leaders who want to shift their team’s performance from plateau to thriving. I provide a new framework to strengthen your ability to manage projects with greater agility and flexibility. No matter your position in the organization, you will enhance your performance and learn how to better navigate change and support your team.

This book explores leadership, emotional intelligence and trauma-informed care as it relates to organizational change and performance. It’s important to note that the purpose of this book is not to advocate for the systematic methods organizations implement to treat employees unjustly socially, psychologically or economically. Rather, its aim is to empower leaders and teams to achieve their unique goals in complete agency and choice. In this context, trauma-informed care acknowledges that while individuals have a history of trauma, their journey doesn’t mean something is wrong with them. Alternatively, it focuses on the experiences surrounding them.

Through my mom’s memoir, you will learn (1.) how to redefine STAMINA and learn why it’s important for your team and (2.) PIVOT, a strategic methodology to support your employees as they deal with trauma and changes in their personal and professional lives.

May you be inspired to lead with the end in mind. Like Mom, may you inspire your team to continue to keep your eyes on the prize.

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