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Prioritizing Your Wellness: Stimulating a Virtuous Life and Holistic Success Through Spirituality

The Pulse

In August 2022, Dr. Angela L. Swain authored Prioritizing your wellness: Stimulating a virtuous life and holistic success through spirituality for The Pulse of Black Catholic Chicago newsletter. 

In America, discussions about mental health are evolving. In the aftermath of Covid-19, there is a growing mental health crisis. The pandemic’s “long tail” is forcing the country to deal with an increased demand for mental health services. Parallel to this is a burgeoning racial awakening, recognizing that racism is a public mental health crisis. At the epicenter of this perfect storm? Communities of color who are underserved in terms of mental health. Dr. Angela Swain offers lifestyle practices the Christian community can adopt to help quell this perfect storm.

Because of her extensive education and experience, Dr. Angela L. Swain is known as the Trifecta Business Coach. She is an executive coach, business psychologist, researcher, author, and speaker. She believes in creating positive workplace cultures through professional and personal leadership development as an expert in organizational behavior. Dr. Swain worked as a researcher and moderator for The Emotional Intelligence Leadership Institute in Chicago, where she taught managers about team membership, meaning, and empowerment. She is currently the Director of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office of Human Dignity and Solidarity, as well as a consultant, coach, and theological reflection facilitator for the Catholic Theological Union, a seminary for both lay and religious leaders.

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